What is Dummywitch about?

Hi! It’s me Zuza. I am the dummy witch, so it’s about me and my craft. This site is for everybody that would like to go along with me on my journey through life and learn some stuff with me. This blog is made to share my thoughts, knowledge and other hopefully interesting stuff.

What Dummywitch is not?

It’s not a place where you can find exact recipes for spells. I don’t think it should work like that. Spells should be personalized to your own needs and possibilities. I am going to make posts about spells, but it will be a guide - not a tutorial. These posts will consist of ingredients that are good for said type of spell, and their properties, but it will be a mix and match type of situation.

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You can find out some more about me in my medias. They are in the bottom­čą░
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